The Trakt client you deserve!

Manage your lists

You can add, remove or update any movie from either your Watchlist, History or Collection.

Stay in sync

Wether you perform some action from or from Popcorn Movies, all the changes will be sync back and forth automatically.


Watching something? Just perform a Check In and, if enabled, it will automatically create a post on your favorite social networks.


Discover tons of new movies.. or search your own. You will never run out of ideas!

At a glance

Each movie summary opens with a quick access to the more common information but also gives you rich details too.

Ready for iOS 13, soon for iOS 14…

Supports automatic mode switching (Dark/Light), context menus, rich links, the new modal presentation and so much more! iOS 14 support will come this fall!

Dynamic Type

Native support for Dynamic Type, the app will always match your own font size!

Want more?

Send us your ideas to “”.