Version 1.2.2


• Introducing new Sorting Options for your Watchlist, Upcoming list and your Personal Recommendations! The sorting feature requires iOS 14.

• Introducing a completely new and redesigned Person Summary : basic information, social links and movie credits are now one tap away!

• Updated Settings style with more icons and more features. If you’re on iOS 14, you now have the possibility to manage your cache and enable pagination on your lists!


• Advanced sorting options, includes more options to sort your Watchlist, Upcoming list and your Personal Recommendations as you want! Drop me your ideas on Twitter or Reddit if you find some you want are missing.

• Introducing My Recommendations: a new way to tell others they should watch one movie or another. This list matches the content from your Recommendations on Trakt.


• Starting with this version and given you’re using iOS 14, you’ll see a brand new Showcase screen after each update, highlighting new features.

• On iPad, the sidebar now shows you how many items are in your list and on iPhone (or iPad running iPadOS 13) the Lists view shows you how many items are in your Watchlist, Upcoming list and My Recommendations list.

• The pagination has been improved for all available Browsing categories and a new refresh control was added to refresh anytime you want the Browsing view.

• Most of SF Symbols previously filled are now matching the rest of the application’s symbols.

• The image loading and caching has been improved to avoid showing empty image on view transitions.

• Popcorn Movies now takes full support for iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

• After Checking in some movie or scrobbling one (from a Media center), your profile now displays correctly the Now Watching item.

• Popcorn Movies now handles the newly added Trakt errors : VIP User and Rate limiting.

• Never start from your Watchlist ever again with the new State restoration! The app now remembers the last tab your were in or the last Sidebar item you selected and launches from the very same after it’s been killed by the system. Also, if you’re transitioning between a compact display size to a regular display size on your iPad, the app automatically switches to the correct view between the TabBar and the Sidebar.

Version 1.2.1


• Introducing the new Sidebar for iPadOS 14 users and multiple windows support for all iPadOS users!

• Introducing a new “Upcoming” view containing the upcoming movies from your Watchlist.

• New CoreSpotlight integration: you can now access your content even without having to launch the app first!

• New Quick Search feature: double tap the Browse tab to display the Search view and enter your query right away!

• New Search Fields: you can now add specific fields to your search to limit the results to those fields.

• Added the new Trakt Recommendations in the Browsing view.

• Introducing “Now Watching”: quickly check any current checkin or scrobble right from your profile!


• Introducing a richer History: you can now get a better overview of your History for a whole year or a single movie, day by day.

• Introducing Drag and Drop for all iPad OS users: move one or multiple items at once into your lists!


A huge work was made regarding the stability and the overall user experience of Popcorn Movies. The app now delivers smooth animations in your lists, loads images better and faster than ever, refreshes your data instantly and gives you a whole new level of experience!

• Sharing with AirDrop and iMessage have been slightly improved.

• Hide a Recommendation issues have been fixed.

• Lists refreshes were improved while performing actions such as adding/removing items to or from your lists.

• Genre and original title can now be used to search your lists.

• The Box Office presentation has been tweaked a bit.

• iOS/iPad OS 14 users are now able to clear the whole “Recent”

Version 1.2.0

Hey folks!

It’s been around 7 months since the lat­est up­date and let me tell you : I’ve been hard at work! This new ver­sion is packed with lots of new fea­tures, im­prove­ments, sys­tem in­te­gra­tions and so much more!

What’s new

iPad sup­port
The app is now ready to run on big­ger screens… and it looks amaz­ing!

Re­designed Movie Sum­ma­ry
The view has been re­designed from the ground up and now fea­tures even more info about your movies in­clud­ing the new sec­tions trail­ers, about, rat­ings and in­for­ma­tion sec­tions.

Movie rat­ing
You can now rate your fa­vorite movies with Pop­corn­Movies.

New share sheet style ac­tions
The main ac­tions you can per­form have been im­proved and you can now choose to or­ga­nize them as.y­ou.­like!

SF Sym­bols and Ac­cent col­or
The app fea­tures a brand new ac­cent col­or and all pre­vi­ous­ly used icons have been re­placed with SF Sym­bols.

Dy­nam­ic Type
Thanks to Dy­nam­ic Type, all the app will now fol­low your pre­ferred text size and adapt ac­cord­ing­ly to be more ac­ces­si­ble than be­fore.

Movie shar­ing
You can now share this movie you like so much to any­one and if they have the app al­ready in­stalled, it’ll open its sum­ma­ry right away!

List Search­ing
You can now search spe­cif­ic items in your Watch­list, His­to­ry and Col­lec­tion by ti­tle or genre.

New Watch­list ban­ner style
All movies match­ing the cur­rent year will now dis­play a bit more in­for­ma­tion wether they’re re­leased or not. If they are not re­leased yet, you will now have a bet­ter idea how long you need to wait.

User Pro­file
Your pro­file has been re­designed too, and it dis­plays your in­for­ma­tion way more el­e­gant­ly.. go check it out!

Shar­ing Pref­er­ences
From your very own pro­file, you will now be able to up­date your shar­ing pref­er­ences any­time to en­able, for ex­am­ple, shar­ing to Twit­ter while per­form­ing a checkin.


• The ac­count icon has moved from the Set­tings to the top of your lists. It also fea­tures a con­text menu to let you sign out quick­ly.

• The Search screen has been re­designed a bit too, main­ly to make it adap­tive to big­ger screens and to im­prove its per­for­mances.

• Con­text menus are now avail­able every­where in the app and fea­ture some con­tex­tu­al ac­tions de­pend­ing on the list they be­long!

• All ac­tions re­quir­ing date in­for­ma­tions now ben­e­fit a brand new view to quick­ly se­lect the date and time.

• Your His­to­ry will now be dis­played and sort­ed by “last watched” date.

• Many im­prove­ments on the Set­tings screen (such as Split View sup­port on iPad, more ex­plic­it icons, meta­da­ta lan­guage se­lec­tion, API sta­tus check, pri­va­cy pol­i­cy, …).

• The pre­vi­ous Quick­sand font has been re­placed in fa­vor of SF Round­ed to sup­port more dy­nam­ic sizes and take full ad­van­tage of dy­nam­ic type.